SUMMARY: Enterprise power/cooling modules

From: Brian Styles (
Date: Sat Sep 13 1997 - 09:29:27 CDT

The question:

>Has anyone enountered power/cooling modules blowing up on Enterprise
>series machines? We've now had eight go, mostly on an E4000 and, more
>recently on an E3000. There's no smoke, just a big bang and some
>internal fuse apparently goes.
>I should add that these are UK (230V) units. Sun are showing signs of
>getting worried, since I believe we're not the only site, but I have
>no idea just how widespread problems are. On past form, there could
>be hundreds of sufferers all in ignorance of a general problem.

Thanks you all for your kind responses. The total installed base
represented by them was huge - amounting to about four dozen generally
big machines. Out of these, only ONE failure. But, interestingly, that
(in NZ) was also on a 230V supply.

Aspersions were cast on the cleanliness of our mains and on the
computer room cooling. The latter is immaculate. I'd be surprised
to find the mains the culprit since half our problems were with a
machine on a UPS.

For now, we're little further on; Sun are about to monitor our mains
and no more failures have occurred in a week. If there _is_ any
resolution, I'll report back.

Thanks again,

-Brian Styles, Cambridge, UK (

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