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From: Ying He (
Date: Wed Sep 10 1997 - 14:48:46 CDT

I am attaching the e-mail from Daniel Kluge <>
He is really helpful.
The solution is: upgrade to sendmail 8.8.7, it seems solve all my problems
and I am still testing.

Thanks for all you responsed.
Thanks again Danial.



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On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Ying He wrote:

> To: sun
> Subject: sendmail question
> Hi, Sun managers:
> We recently changed old domain name to new domain name, in order to recieve
> the e-mail for both domains, we defined the both old and new domain name
> in the DNS. The two domains will exist same time for 6 months.
> There some problems when send e-mails, I could not define what caused the
> problems? DNS or or?? It seems no problem send/receive mails
> with outside of our doamin.
> Should I use sendmail-8.8.x ?

Yes, I defently would, it is easier to configure, and it really works.

I read through all of your posting, but I don't quite see the problems,
and easy solutions.

I myself found the sendmail supplied with solaris not very usefull,
outright annoying, to be more correct.

So I got myself the sendmail binary from,
and the configuration files from the sendmail source from

I then generated the m4 macros, and built the cf-file with m4 (needed a
new version, also to be found on

Probabely for you, the most usefull feature will be this, quoted from the
cf/README file:

                If masquerading is enabled (using MASQUERADE_AS) and
                MASQUERADE_DOMAIN (see below) is set, this feature will
                cause addresses to be rewritten such that the masquerading
                domains are actually entire domains to be hidden. All
                hosts within the masquerading domains will be rewritten
                to the masquerade name (used in MASQUERADE_AS). For
                if you have:


                then * and * are converted to
                this feature, only and are masqueraded.

This should solve all your problems immediately.

Also I would analyze all Problems with multiple runs of
/usr/lib/sendmail -bt, the Test-Mode, in which you can test all the
rewriting rules, and will find out directly where the bug is, not this
'looking on the output and guessing what went wrong'-thing you seem to do
right now.

There is some fairly good sendmail doku out there, like the sendmail book
from O'Reilly (2nd Edition), or 'TCP/IP Network Administration'.

To your actual problems:

> **** problem 1:
> a) send mail from (new doamin)
> to doamin)
> command: mail
> To: ***** problems 1
> Subject: test using mail
> from to
> ------------------------------------------------------
> ***problem: To: ***** problems 1
> changed to
> which is defined in the on
> on shadow:
> Cm

Well, if you have a host, which is masquerading as a domain, it will use
this information for sending as well, prbabely you should instead of
chaning $m, change $w or $j instead, so it is just receiving as a host
from withhin the old domain.

> b) send mail from doamin)
> to (new doamin)
> *** problem: From Fri Sep 5 08:23:34 1997
> From: Sol#2 <>
> ...
> changed to
> which is defined in the on
> on shadow:
> Cm

Sames as above, the host seems to be somewhat confused, on what hostname
he actually has. As far as I know, sendmail makes some funny
gethostbyname, gethostbyaddr, gethostbyname permutations to get its fully
qualified domainname, so probabely you should do the same (reverse-lookup
from shadow's IP-Adress).

> a) sending mail from to statepi( without domain name)
> command: mail sol@statepi
> returned messages on sending machine shadow ( mail bounced back)
> 550 (smtpl)... 550 Host unk
> nown
> 554 <sol@statepi>... 550 Host unknown (Authoritative answer from name server)

This looks real messy, no suggestions on sendmail

Hope this helps somewhat,


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