SUMMARY : automount, CLearCase, and dual-homed hosts

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Date: Wed Sep 10 1997 - 09:33:41 CDT


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Subject: automount, CLearCase, and dual-homed hosts

Hello again.

This is a bit convoluted, so hang on...

We have a fair number of test systems in our labs, SPARC5s running
SunOS 4.1.x. The primary Ethernet interface, le0, is used to talk to
some real-time controllers. Its hostname is 'amat', and it has the
same IP address on each system (hey, it's a product, we want them to
all look alike). An Sbus Ethernet card has been added so that we can
put the systems on the LAN. This add-on port has a unique hostname and
IP address, so the LAN can tell them apart. We use NIS, and the
automounter, so these systems can use test software from the servers :
/vol/release, /home/developer, etc. It's worked pretty well for us for
several years.

Now, we want to use CLearCase from Atria, excuse me, PureAtria, make
that Rational. We have CC version 3.0. The software is available on
the LAN as /vol/atria. The VOB, license, and registry server is called
'scla32', so when the MVFS file system wants a VOB, for instance,
/vob/mcc/relocate_test_vob, it mounts

This works fine for the single-homed systems, but fails on the
dual-homed systems, because CC apparently wants to find hosts on le0
that exist on le1. No problem, because CC has provided a solution :
create a file, /var/adm/atria/config/alternate_hostnames, and in it you
list the hostnames for your system's various Ethernet ports. Great
idea, but it isn't working. automounter is not picking up the mounts.

For instance, on a single-homed host, if I want to look at the exported
filesystems on scla32, I can do 'ls /net/scla32', and see '/usr1 /usr4
/usr9'. On the dual-homed system, I get 'no such file /net/scla32'.
Apparently automounter will resolve the /vol and /home entries through
the add-on port. but balks at /net.

Can someone with a head for automount, or ClearCase, or both, suggest a
fix? This is apparently off-beat enough that the collective
consciousness' archives don't have any references. Tech Support at
Rational is looking at it, I want your help too.

Thanks. Will summarize for answers.

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Honor and glory to : Dieter Gobbers (Marc S. Gibian)
Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services <>
Michael Richards <>

The problem was found by Dieter Gobbers : the two ports on scla32 are
named 'amat' (le0) and 'scla42' (le1). The network thinks of the
system as 'scla42', it thinks of itself as 'amat'. It turns out that
'scla42' is in the NIS netgroup that allows access to the ClearCase
server, but 'amat' was not. Once I added amat to the proper netgroup,
ClearCase started up without a murmur.

Many thanks to Dieter and to the rest of the collective.

John Reynolds
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