SUMMARY - Ultra 2 processor upgrade

From: Chris Smith (
Date: Fri Sep 05 1997 - 15:13:02 CDT

Many thanks to Casper Dik who sent the following:

The flashprom upgrades are also distributed as patches.

 When installing a 300MHz CPU module you must also make sure that your
motherboard supports it (I don't think all revisions of the system board
do; you need ASICs that support the UltraSPARC-II)

Patch-ID# 104169-04
Keywords: Desktop
Flash PROM Update Synopsis: Ultra 2 System Flash PROM Update Date:
Jun/17/97 Files included with this patch: flash-update-Ultra2-latest,
                      , flash-update-Ultra2-04,
                                & flash-update-Ultra2-01 Problem
Bug-1: Added support for Ultra 2 Model 300.
I went to the patch site at
and retrieved the necessary patch. It had the binary utility I needed,
the README file and the manual that comes with the upgrade kit. The
manual is helpful for locating the jumper that needs to be changed to
enable write mode to the prom.
Thanks again.

Chris Smith
Network System Administrator
Integrated Telecom Technology, Inc.

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