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From: Jim Faust (
Date: Tue Sep 02 1997 - 14:49:41 CDT

> Original Post:
> > I have an Ultra 1 system running Solaris 2.5.1 w/ 488Mb Ram
> > and three separate swap devices (all on different disks)
> > totaling 3.8Gb. This system is running large simulations
> > which will consistently crash when they reach the point of
> > utilizing about 2Gb of swap.
> >
> > I've looked through the archives and have not found any
> > recent data regarding the maximum amount of swap that can
> be configured under 2.5.1. Does anyone have any ideas
> if there is a limit and what it may be?
> Summary of replies:
> The consensus appears to be that 2.5.1 imposes a per process limit of
> 2.1Gb. This was confirmed with a call to the Sun hot-line and by
> looking at "limit" and "sysdef" on the system in question. Other
> info offered is that swap spaces greater than 2.1Gb are OK if made up
> of multiple swap devices each less than 2.1Gb. Everybody and the
> Hot-line said this limit was bumped up in 2.6. The hotline said that
> there, as yet, was not a patch for this in 2.5.1.
> Thanks to the following:
> Christopher M. Conway
> Joel Lee
> Alan K. K. Kong
> Birger A. Wathne
> Casper Dik
> Marc S. Gibian
> Terry Bohaning

Since my posting of the above summary, I've gotten additional info from
fellow listers and have also talked to the Sun Hotline. Apparently, the
above problem does indeed have an associated patch. My call to the
Sun hotline found that there is a disparity between Sun's bug report and
their patch report. One report says the problem is fixed while the other
says the problem is not fixed.

The patch for this is 103640-12.

Thanks to Casper Dik and Joe Pruett.

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