SUMMARY No Showrev After Patch Installation

From: Michael Mitchell (
Date: Tue Sep 02 1997 - 11:07:47 CDT


     As is often the case, this problem was unrelated to my
original assumption. The problem running "showrev" did not
result from the 101945-50 patch installation but from changes
made in inetd.conf that happened at about the same time.
Re-enabling admind in inetd.conf as shown below fixed things.

     Thanks to Seth Rothenberg for his input.


Un-commenting-out the following in inetd.conf fixed things:

100087/10 tli rpc/udp wait root /usr/sbin/admind admind

Original Posting:

> After installing patch 101945-50 on Solaris 2.4 on an Axil
>320, I cannot run the "showrev" command. I get the following
># /usr/bin/showrev
>/usr/bin/showrev: Admin daemon is not running on host fosdick under RPC no. 100
>087 vers. 10
>Does anyone know if this is normal behavior or how I might get showrev
>active again?

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