SUMMARY: Seeking info on crash command

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Date: Fri Aug 29 1997 - 10:06:01 CDT

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   I am looking for a source of info on the crash command on Solaris.

What I am looking for is a table or man page which gives the names of the abbreviations
used as shown below. ie (gs: es: ds: fs: edi: esi: ebp: esp: ebx: edx: ecx: etc)

My thank you to the people below who responded. However it seems the information
I was looking for is still elusive to obtain as noted below. I presently own a copy
of "PANIC:UNIX System Crash Dump Analysis" however it tends to lean more towards
the use of adb for analysis in my opinion. However I do agree it is a good reference
in addition to the Answerbook and Man pages.

Thank you again to:

There's a book titled PANIC:UNIX System Crash Dump Analysis by Drake
and Brown that will give you lots of useful information on this topic
including how to look for kernel values by name....

And as for info on esp, sp, ptc...... some of them do appear in
the man page and some from the answerbook. But I couldn't find
documentation for some either. Hope this helps.

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