SUMMARY: multicast:bad value

From: Cliff W. Mack (
Date: Tue Aug 26 1997 - 17:19:43 CDT

Thank You to all who replied

However, if I was'nt in such a rush, I probably would not have
had the error....

In the end it was a simple fix....

YES, I had added the client to the master YP server, BUT
what I did not do was PUSH the data once I was done....

Thanks to the following with all their suggestions:

Please check the way U'r hostname is spelt in all these files again..(I
know U would have);
After that
#cd /etc/net
You will seee 3 directories under which U have a hosts file..Check the
hostname there..Change that to whatever is in hos*le0 & reboot the
system..U'll be fine..Lemme know if U have a problem..

If that doesn't work,shutdown the system,& get on to someother
workstation & ping the ip address of the M/C & C if someother system has
the same ip address..


I vaguely remember having experienced a problem similar to this.
     If I recall, the mistake was I had mach5 followed by
in my
/etc/hosts file and it was giving me hell of a problem. When I reversed
order( example below) then the problem went away. I believe the
message, I use
to get was mach5 bad value. I am not sure whether the problem you are
facing is
as simple as the one I had. Let me know if this works. Of course mach5
is my
host name.
 present /etc/hosts file localhost mach5

Padmanabh M Padaki
Sun & SGI Workstation Coordinator
Computing & Information Services
Texas A&M University
GIG'em AGs

Look for some blank spaces somewhere. I had in once and got over it by
doing a
sys-unconfig. Be sure to save /etc/vfstab since sys-unconfig replaces it
with a
standard one.

Sanjay Srivastava

It would be in your start-up scripts. Once the system reports the
the startup scripts probably go on to properly configure your system.
guess is that you've got an entry that is either too early in the
stream, or you've got a command that is not fully populated with the
required parameters, or has an incorrect entry (typo) that is

You could try to isolate where the problem is by putting in print
to isolate where the message is coming from. Make the messages
like "POINT ONE" which should be easy to see as the messages scroll
startup. Of course, increment to "POINT TWO" for the second, and so on.

Bob Woodward, Seattle FilmWorks
Data Processing Department

C.W. Mack
UNIX Systems Administrator
Air Intelligence Agency
San Antonio, TX

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