SUMMARY: limitation in inetd.conf

From: Drexx Laggui (
Date: Tue Aug 26 1997 - 14:13:18 CDT


First of all thank you to: (most cool of all my mailing lists!)

1] Syed Zaeem Hoasin (
2] Karl E. Vogel ( Sumaria Systems Inc.
3] Glenn Satchell ( Uniq Professional Services

Instead of a hack on the system kernel parameters to add more server-
arguments (limited to 5, including arg[0]) on my /etc/inetd.conf file,
I decided it would be safer and faster to use a script with all the
parameters on it, as suggested by the generous people listed above.

I am on my way to the machine right now.

Many, many thanks,

Drexx Laggui

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