Summary: Moving files to WinNT system

From: Bob White (
Date: Wed Aug 20 1997 - 08:38:55 CDT

Many thanks to those who responded. I have listed their names at the end.

Here was the Scenario:
An older Sparc II used as a data acquisition system. (The only Unix system I have.) If I let it run
unattended, the disk fills up with data. Currently using ftp and manually moving data on a daily basis, to a
WinNT system with monster disks on it. Then I can analyze at leisure. Is there some way to automate this
process using ftp. A new file is created every day, with the only difference in file names being the number
of the day. Any help would be appreciated, and I'll try to summarize.

Many suggested trying 'expect' ( I checked out the site, and while it looks like expect
would do what I want, and much more, I should say that I am not much of a unix user. I was able to get this
one system up and running, pretty much out of the box, with the data acquisition software from UC
Berkeley. I really want to avoid perturbing the system unless absolutely necessary. (You know the maxim:
If it aint broke, don't fix it.) I decided against expect, but it looks very good. For the same reason I didn't
want to add drives or commercial software to the system.

Turns out the simplest solution was a couple of scripts, and the .netrc file. I wrote a script that uses the find
and cp commands to gather up all the daily files into one directory, Then I wrote the .netrc file in my home
directory that automates the ftp login. Also in there is the macro that moves the file. It looks like this:

machine machine_name login login_name password passwd
macdef aa
cd where_ever_you_want_it
put xyz

At the prompt

ftp machine_name < some_file

contents of some_file


Courtesy of Sanjay Srivastava.

Then I used the cron command to execute the scripts once a day.

Again - many thanks to these people for their kindness and help:
Troy Wollenslegel
Tim Evans
Michael Hill
Daniel Ellis
Raymond Bero
Urban Nilsson
Mark Inaba
Rich Snyder
Bismark Espinoza
Sanjay Srivastava
Alan Thew
Cliff Trapp
Tony Benge
Shriman Gurung
Bill Walker

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