Summary Solaris 2.5.1 Jumpstart

From: Richard Andersson (
Date: Wed Aug 20 1997 - 04:56:52 CDT

        I'am sending this mail on Mr Michael Bennett behalf,
        International Financial Futures & Options Exchange

        This script was part of the summary sent to the sunmanagers Tue, 8
        Apr 1997 from (Jeffrey Liu), its about how
        to create a finish script to install CDE a few things were missing
        and have been added in the end of this mail. It should solve the
        problem with the postinstall script

        For your CDE:
        pkgadd -d /tmp/install_config/CDE/cde-min -R /a SUNWdticn
        cd /tmp/install_config/CDE/CDE-min
        pkgadd -d . -R /a SUNWdtbas <<EOF
        rm -rf /a/usr/SUNWdtbas
        pkgadd -d /tmp/install_config/CDE/cde-min -R /a SUNWdtdmn
        pkgadd -d /tmp/install_config/CDE/cde-min -R /a SUNWdtdte <<EOF
        pkgadd -d /tmp/install_config/CDE/cde-min -R /a SUNWdtft
        pkgadd -d /tmp/install_config/CDE/cde-end-user -R /a SUNWdtdst <<EOF
        for f in dthe dthev dtim dtreme dtwm
                pkgadd -d /tmp/install_config/CDE/cde-end-user -R /a SUNW${f}
        # Enable CDE dtlogin environment
        chroot /a /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -e
        chroot /a /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -reset

        ****** This has been added

        The problem is with the postinstall script held in the SUNWdtbas/install
        It does not contain a statement to deal with jumpstart installations. It
        should contain a statement within it, which should reflect the
         if [ -x /usr/bin/tic ]
        # Note that the following directory test statement should reflect
        # jumpstart mount point where your company mounts the JumpStart
        # directory onto! This is the default!
        if [ -d /tmp/install_config ]
                # This is a JumpStart
                chroot /a /usr/bin/tic /usr/dt/config/dtterm.ti
                if [ $? -eq 0 ]
                        exit 0
                        exit 1
                # This is a normal installation
                /usr/bin/tic /usr/dt/config/dtterm.ti
                if [ $? -eq 0 ]
                        exit 0
                        exit 1
        If you need to change this or any other postinstall file first
        edit it and then you must do the following:
        wc -c postinstall
        It will return with the character count, say:
        439 postinstall # note the first variable is the
        You then need to obtain the sum count:
        sum postinstall
        It will return with the sum count, say:
        32474 1 postinstall # Note the first variable is the

        With this information, backup the pkgmap file in this case the SUNWdtbas
        directory, and edit the pkgmap file. Go to the bottom of the file, and
        change the entry:
        1 i postinstall 258 17769 829279015
        1 i postinstall <wc -c cnt> <sum cnt> 829279015
        For my example, it would reflect:
        1 i postinstall 439 32474 829279015
        Save the file, and do your jumpstart.
        Note that the pkgmap file has to be modified otherwise when the pkgadd
        does it
        test of the consistency of the package, it will not install it because it
        will reject the software on the basis that
        the sum and wc counts are not equal to what's in the pkgmap file

        The script was made by Mr Michael Bennet, UNIX Specialist,
        London International Financial Futures & Options Exchange 0171 379 2745


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