SUMMARY (UPDATE) Quad Ultra 2 possible?

From: Fletcher B. Cocquyt (
Date: Tue Aug 19 1997 - 05:25:56 CDT

Ask and ye shall recieve,

Apparently the Ultra Enterprise 450 server unveiled in NY today
will fill this role. From InformationWeek (08/18):

"The Enterprise 450 server will ship with up to four 300MHz
UltraSparcII processors, 4Gb of Memory and an 84 Gbyte
hard disk, and 6 PCI buses. It will sell for $14, 650,
comparable to similar systems from Wintel vendors."

Maybe Sun will update their web page soon to provide some more

Original post (05/01):

> Its been a while since my last Sun "non-disclosure" meeting,
> and with the recent announcement of the 300MHz Ultra2's I was
> wondering if there is anything to preclude Sun or another
> UltraSparc licensee from engineering a dual UltraSparc CPU board;
> (to allow a quad CPU Ultra2).
> If anyone has some solid info on this I'd like to hear it.

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