Summary-2:"mail: cannot open savefile"

From: Ramakanth Munipalli (
Date: Mon Aug 18 1997 - 21:20:02 CDT

Hi again:
To those that have been following my travails:
The move to get all users to also be members of mail
is evidently not a good one at all, since all users will be
able to read/edit each others mails.

Actually, the simple solution of having the permissions on
/bin/mail to be 2755 i.e., g+s works just fine.
Did not realize this until rather late !
So what needs to be done is:
A. set up /var/mail/:saved to be 775
B. make sure /bin/mail has permissions g+s on it.

sorry for complicating what is a sime deal!
Ramakanth Munipalli

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