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Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 11:42:44 CDT

My thanks for the suggestions and comments to

        Matthew Lee Stier
        Philip A. Fitzpatrick
        Victor Larranaga
        Michael Panayiotakis
        Drexx Laggui

The general consensus: it will work. I will have to make minor midifications
to make it working at boot time:

1. place the address or hostname in /etc/hostname.le0:1 file;
   in case of hostname, place address and hostname in /etc/hosts
2. place a netmask in /etc/netmasks file

this will allow /etc/init.d/rootusr read the /etc/hostname.le0:1 file
and set up interface at boot time. To make this station act as a router
eliminate /etc/defaultrouter file (and reboot).

3. may want to add "up" flag at the end of ifconfig line (in case of manual
   configuration). Or do ifconfig le0:1 up after assigning original command.
   In case of manual configuration no need for reboot (unless need a router).

Original post.
> I have a question how to assign multiple IP addresses to a sparc.
> The set up is as follows. There is a LAN in remote location with
> IP numbers a.b.c.* with no direct internet connection (only a modem),
> and I have to bring a few computers and set up a little net (IP numbers d.e.f.*)
> and hopefully connect to that LAN.
> Changing either site IP's is not an option.
> If I assign an additional local interface to the physical interface by :
> ifconfig le0:1 a.b.c.x netmask
> (where a,b,c will be real world numbers) I think I will have 2 IP's on a single
> station. Each net has its own 10Base-T hub that can be daisy-chained.
> Will that allow me to communicate to the computers in both a.b.c.* and d.e.f.*
> via this sparc station?
> Is there anything else I should do ?

Nadya Williams

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