SUMMARY: SUN-13W3 / VGA-monitors

From: Hans Schaechl (
Date: Thu Aug 14 1997 - 12:22:21 CDT

Dear SMs,

here comes my summary:

I) My original question:

>I tried to use one of these adapters from male
>13w3-SUN to female 15 HD VGA to attach a SVGA
>multisync monitor to a SUN S-BUS framebuffer.
>I read that such a monitor has to support a least
>scanrates of 61.8kHz horizontal and 66Hz / 76Hz vertical
>and composite sync.
>But I tried several of my monitors around (SONY 17se,
>Samsung SyncMaster 17GLsi and 17GLi) which all support
>these scannings and comp. sync and resolution up to
>I doesn't work. All I see is either a flickering
>or black screen.
>Has anybody really practical experiences with connec-
>ting VGA-monitors to SUNs with such adapters and can
>give me a hint what's going wrong here?

II) Thanks to all who responded:

Robert J. Channas <>
Tim Carlson <>
Michael Pavlov <>
Craig L. Gruneberg <>
Glenn Satchell <>
Ray Brownrigg <>
Stefan Voss <>
Russ Poffenberger <>
Karl von Jena <>
Renny Koshy <>
F. David Sinn <>

III) The answers:

a) Don't expect the running system to recognize the
change of monitors 'on-the-fly'. You have to reboot
the system.

b) There are two identically-looking models of those
13w3-to-VGA adapters on market, only one does what you expect
it to do. The other one has a screwed up cross-wiring living

c) Try setting the exact refresh rate and resolution at the
boot prompt with: setenv output-device screen:r1152x900x66

d) Check for bent pins.

e) Even Sun and third parties sell now system whith VGA-monitors
and such adapters, so it really should work.

IV) My comments:

Of course I did recycle the system(s) after connecting the VGA-
monitor, but I forgot to tell. Strange but true: id didn't help.

Some of you even named very common brands and models like


which all worked with either 13w3-to-HD15 adapters or 13w3-to-
BNC cables.

So I tried again and again... Success at last!
The trick with my monitors seems to be that:
When I attached the monitor to a running system, the internal
processor of the monitor gets screwed up about the strange
sync so it does not recognize the reboot of the machine a
few moments later and the machine does not get in sync with
the monitor. So either attach the monitor to a machine with
power off or wait with switching on the monitor until the ma-
chine comes up after being reset.
Now I even get a 200$ Yakumo 15" multisync running with a SPARC.

Thanks to all of you!

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