SUMMARY: Remapping or Disabling OW Metakeys

From: David Steiner (
Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 14:57:43 CDT

Thanks to:
Michael Sullivan
Harvey Wamboldt
(and anyone else who might have replied before seeing this summary)

My appologies for not RTFMing quite enough.

>> The question:
>> Is there a way to remap or disable the Openwindow Meta-key bindings? The
>> alternative may be to remap the Emacs key bindings but, as we all know, it
>> is pretty difficult to retrain your hands after years of learning short
>> cuts.

The answers:

>Use this X resource (i.e. put the line in the user's ~/.Xdefaults):
>Olwm.Client.Emacs.MenuAccelerators: false
>This is documented in the olwm manual page.


>olwm.MenuAccelerator.Quit: Q+Shift+Meta
>in your .Xdefaults file. This changes the "quit" menu accelerator
>from the default "Meta-Q" to "Shift-Meta-Q".
>To read more about this try "man olwm" and search for "KEY BINDING

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