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Date: Mon Aug 11 1997 - 16:40:05 CDT

Thanks to all suggestions, but the winner was to use the Samba product.
I checked all suggestions and they were already taken care of. The
samba product will work for what we need it to do much more efficiently
and since there won't be that many people using it, it will be more cost

Again Thanks To :
  Mark A. Baldwin
  Cliff Trapp
  Brion Leary
  Carl G. Curtis
  Tom Mornini
  Paul Simpson
  Rick von Richter
  James Kwong
  Ian T Collins

The following is a summary of the responses I recieved :

I just recently ran into the same problem. Turns out that because I
was using "compat" mode in /etc/nsswitch.conf, pcnfsd could not
the user. This was the case even if I put an entry for the user in the
password file. So, if you are using "compat" for passwd in
replace it with "nis files" or whatever is appropriate.
Don't waste your time with PC-NFS when you can use Samba for free:
You install it once on the Sun server. Then you never ever
have to install any clients at all. No clients to update.
No clients to maintain or troubleshoot. No clients to
license! If you need to change a configuration you just
do it in one central location, on the Sun server.
One adventage is that you need to do NOTHING on the clients.
Windows95s, NTs or WFW3.11s see the Sun+samba as just another workgroup
Be sure that the users -
(1) exist in /etc/passwd and have a password (/etc/shadow)
(2) that the users shell in /etc/passwd is a valid shell
    re ftpd(1m)
(3) ftp access is denied if the user's shell (from
                 /etc/passwd) is not listed in the file
                 /etc/shells. If the file /etc/shells does not
                 exist, then the user's shell must be one of the

                       /usr/bin/sh /usr/bin/csh /usr/bin/ksh
                       /usr/bin/jsh /bin/sh /bin/csh
                       /bin/ksh /bin/jsh /sbin/sh
     Older versions of rpc.pcnfsd would allow a user access if the
         shell listed in /etc/passwd ended in the letters 'sh'.
        We have had really good results the pcnfsd
stuff that comes with Hummingbird Maestro. It works
with all windows. (DOS WIN3.1 WIN95 and NT3.5/4.0.)
Its originally Beame & Whiteside.
        The startup command we use is:
                /etc/bwnfsd -A /usr/tmp
        We also use hclnfsd which is run the same.
It took me a long time to realize that pcnfsd checks shell validity by
testing for "sh" as the last two characters of the shell entry in the
/etc/passwd file. I had some shells that weren't like this, and the
auth would fail.
Make sure you have /bin/csh as the default shell for that user.
I once changed it to something else (like /bin/false or /bin/date)
and it won't authorized me and I got the same error as you did.
Have you any share entries in /etc/dfs/dfstab?

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