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From: Roger Merchberger (zmerch@northernway.net)
Date: Tue Aug 05 1997 - 13:02:57 CDT

I received only one response to this question, so I will quote it in full:

I've ran eval on SS10, Sol2.5 with 1 R/T encoder -
load was not noticable

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Thank-you one & all, with special thanks going to Michael! Roger "Merch" Merchberger

=================================== Here's my [original] question:

Has anyone here set up the RealAudio Server on one of their suns? We have a client (radio station) who wants real-time audio streaming set up, and I want to know if one of my machines could handle this with no problems...

Our Web Server is a Netra i20 (75Mhz UltraSparc, I think) with 64Meg RAM, 2Gig H.D. (over 1G still available) and roughly 90+% of the processor free.

I doubt they would get much over 20-30 streams active at once, and the machine will also have to do the real-time encoding on-the-fly. (Just sound bytes I can processes on another [lesser] machine).

Can my Netra i20 handle this with no problems, should I recommend to upgrade with a 2nd processor / RAM, or should I network in a [blech] Mac or IBM clone machine to handle that processing?

Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated, I will summarize respones, but please note that I will be out of the office Friday, 1 Aug. 97 [thru the weekend] and Monday, 4 Aug 97. I will return Tuesday, 5 Aug. 97 and will review, thank, and summarize all responses then.

Thank you very much everybody! Roger "Merch" Merchberger -- Roger Merchberger | Why does Hershey's put nutritional Programmer, NorthernWay | information on their candy bar wrappers zmerch@northernway.net | when there's no nutritional value within?

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