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Date: Sat Aug 02 1997 - 15:32:14 CDT


        I would like to thank the following people;

        And special thanks to Mark Hargrave whose suggestion made it. My
question and Mark's reply is bellow;

Hello sunmanagers,
       I am trying to backup a machine using ufsdump. I have addedd the
 of the name of the machine in the .rhosts file on the E3000 which has
 the DLT attached to it, when I do a ufsdump 0ucf E3000:/dev/rmt/0 / I
 receive the error "permission denied" E3000 not reachable although I
 ping and every thing to that machine.

Make sure you have the system name and IP in the /etc/hosts file too.


Saeed Abubakar
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