From: Charles Brian Hill (
Date: Fri Aug 01 1997 - 10:16:39 CDT

Thanks go to Ralph Dell for help in solving the problem. Here is a
restatement of the problem:

When anyone logs in to one of our servers the following message is printed
in the log file:

rpc.ttdbserverd: NetISAM: read failed!

Ralph noted that some others on the list (before I subscribed) had encountered
the same problem. He suggested I look in the archives for a relevant summary.

I found one at

I found several summaries, actually, but the important thing is to note the
location of an excellent searchable archive of this list. The URL is for anyone who doesn't have it. It
is a thorough, fast archive. Thanks to Dataman for all the hard work.

-Brian Hill

Charles Brian Hill

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