SUMMARY: Tools to see locks?

Date: Thu Jul 31 1997 - 12:41:34 CDT

Hello everyone,

A few days ago, I wrote:

>A (hopefully) quick question: we're experiencing some difficulties with NFS
>locking sometimes, well, locking indefinitely. I'm talking about fctl( FD,
>F_SETLKW, .. ), on a set of Solaris 2.4 and (possibly) 2.5.1 boxes.
>If so, is there a utility one can use to SEE the set of all processes with
>locks or waiting for locks on a specific inode? I haven't found one so far..
>Please reply to me, and I'll gladly summarise to the list..

Thanks to several people, including:

Shriman Gurung <>
Sun System Admin <>
Chris Phillips <chris@scooter.Canada.Sun.COM>
"Avrami, Louis" <>
Mark Henderson <>

I can do no better than quote Chris Phillips, who succinctly said:

>Check out:
>(I've not used it but I think its the tool you're looking for.)

Thanks to everyone for their help..


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