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From: Aggeliki Karabassi - SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR (
Date: Tue Jul 29 1997 - 10:09:33 CDT

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During the last week some users complained about problems with their
mailbox. A couple of them claimed that all messages from their mailbox
were deleted without any obvious reason, while a third one says that some
times he gets multiple copies of all the messages in his mailbox, while
other times some of his messages get lost all by themselves. At first I
thought That maybe the users did something wrong, but since they are all
doing their PHD on Computer Science I guess I must trust them when they
say they ' ve done nothing. I must mention that all of them are using elm
to read their mail. Anyway I'd like to know if anybody has ever seen a
similar problem, or if you have any ideas about what may be wrong, since I
can't think of anything.


Thanks to all those who responded. There were some pretty obvious
suggestions, like checking out the permissions of the mailboxes, which
wasn' t the case.

Dirk Pantring wrote that "elm has probs handling MIMEencoded messages. elm
reads a keyword called "MIME-content-length" (or similar). When this value
and the real length of the mail differ, elm corrupts the mail folder."

Claus Assmann says that " there was one version in the ME+ branch which
had problems with losing mails..."

I haven't cheched out any of those yet, so I can't be sure about the
answer, but that is usefull information to have in mind

Aggeliki Karabassi
Department of Informatics
University of Athens

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