SUMMARY: SSA mixed drive configuration

From: Andreas Priebe (
Date: Thu Jul 24 1997 - 06:26:45 CDT

Hi Managers,

sorry for the longer delay in summarizing but I had a major diskcrash
on my home machine and lost several mails.
So if I do not mention someone - please excuse me.

My original question:

> I have an Sparc Storage Array with 30 Seagate ST32550W (each 2.1G and 5400 rpm).
> Two of the disks show errors.
> I have two newer ST32171WC (2.1G, 7200rpm) ready to insert for the SSA.
> The questions:
> Can I simply replace the two disks despite the fact that they are not
> truly identical?
> What performance issues may arise from the mix of 5400 and 7200 disks?
> And do I need a different entry for format.dat?

And this is from the answers:

From: Michael Pavlov <>

> You forgot to mention if u are using any volume manager or not.
> I f not - just replace disks.
> If do - then you should follow Veritas, or Disksuite procedures on
> replacing drives.

We were using Veritas - I did not mention it because I was interested in
the possible hardware issues first. Sorry if I did not make it very clear!

From: Martin Oksnevad <>

He poited out that my statement about the disks was wrong.
Both disk types mentioned are 7200rpm!

> The ST32550WC's are 7200 RPM Barracudas and so are the newer ST32171WC's.
> Just swap the bad disks with the new disks.

This is what we did.
Then we followed the Veritas instructions (we use RAID 0+1).
No real problems occured. The SSA is operating now with the new
disks for about three weeks.
So thanks for the help

Andreas Priebe

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