Summary: System List on Solaris Version

From: Coffindaffer, Virginia (
Date: Wed Jul 23 1997 - 16:24:43 CDT

        Is there a list of Sun systems that will work or not work on
>Solaris 2.6 ? I am aware that the 600 Series (670, 690, etc) will not
>work but am not sure about such machines as the SPARC 2,5, 10,20, 400
>Series, etc. I am sure all the Ultras will work with Solaris 2.6.
> Also - will the 600 Series be kept updated with Solaris 2.5.x
>new releases ?

Thanks to Casper Dik who seems to always come through with the right
answers. Two Sun Reps could not answer or get answers to the question.

With 2.6, all support for the VME based SPARCs is dropped:

        4/1x0, 4/2x0, 4/3x0, 4/4x0 (sun4 kernel architecture)
        6/6x0 (sun4m kernel architecture)

Still supported are all other SPARCs:

        SS1, SS1+, SS2, IPC, IPX (sun4c)
        SS10, Classic, LX, SS4, SS5, SS20 (sun4m)
        SS1000, SC2000 (sun4d)
        All Ultras (sun4u)

The 4/600 system will remain supported in 2.5.1; but 2.5.1 is of course
a more or less patch only state (new system support is added using SHWP

Old 2.x releases are kept on maintanance for several years
(e.g., 2.3 is still being patched but 2.2 no longer is)

Thanks again Casper.

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