Summary - CDE 'Trashcan'

From: Timothy L Patton (
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 07:14:52 CDT

According to Arthur Barstow of The Open Group (I understand they are the
owners/developers of CDE) as posted on comp.unix.solaris:

"The defect is that the message in the Confirmation Dialog is incorrect. The
trash should not be deleted during logout. [The trash is not deleted because
concurrent sessions share the trash directory and the process managing the
logout doesn't know if the user is running concurrent sessions.]

The message has been fixed in the Open Group's 2.1 version of CDE."

I guess the documentation will be fixed also.

Thanks to the following for their responses.

Rich Casto
Marc S. Gibian
Ben Stringer
Jim Harmon

Tim Patton
Charlotte, NC


 We are running CDE ver 1.0.2 under Solaris 2.5 on a variety of platforms (IPX,
> IPC, Sparc 10s, Ultras) and are having problems automatically shredding files
> dtfile's 'trashcan'.
> Per the CDE User's Guide and the 'Logout Confirmation' dialogue box, items in
> the 'Trashcan' should be shredded automatically upon user logout.
> What we are finding is:
> If a user has 'Logout Confirmation' disabled, files are never shredded
> automatically.
> If a user has 'Logout Confirmation' enabled, sometimes files are shredded
> automatically upon logout, sometimes they aren't. This is independent of the
> workstation type.

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