SUMMARY: Certified Solaris Administrator

From: Gary Franczyk (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 16:27:41 CDT

I asked if getting certified by Sun as a Certified Solaris Administrator
was worth the effort and money.

My responses were:

I took the tests and passed... not worth it.... no one cares
Evan R. Marks

(A) It's worthless, since it only checks to see if you've read the
and anyone can do that; and (B) the test is conducted in a manner which
I find gravely offensive to individual privacy.
As someone who was doing Unix before Sun existed as a company, I find
certification process unecessary and foolish; I think it just exists as
a cash cow, and I give it zero weight when evaluating potential job
Rich Kulawiec

In my opinion, certification is always a Good Thing. It looks good on
a resume, companies -- especially those familiar with Sun -- recognize
it as a symbol of your excellence in Solaris, and it's a great boost
to your own self-image. It's proof that you're not just bullshitting
your experience.
I'm Sun certified, and I believe it to be one of my greatest career
moves. If you have the money, I highly recommend taking the exams and
getting the certification.
Jeff Zabek, UNIX Systems Administration

I took the tests a year ago before looking for a job and I can honestly
say that not many people cared. It does not hurt to have it of course,
but if you know what you are doing then you'll be able to impress with
or without certification.
I have seen a *few* job postings where they mention that a certification
would be a plus, but I have seen *many* a job listing (I am near Silicon
Valley) and it is rare.
Kevin M. Woods

And another response from Pascal Gaudette restating two older summaries
available in the Sun Manager's Archive.

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