SUMMARY: bootblk - not an ELF file

From: Mark Belanger (
Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 06:37:11 CDT

Not a very helpful summary, I'm afraid.

Original Post:
> Came in this morning, Sparc 10, Sol2.5, 1 gig internal, 256Meg,
> was hung. I was forced to power cycle. the machine fails to
> boot with the message:
> bootblk /platform/SUNW,SPARCstation-10/ufsboot - not an ELF file.

Thanks to Gary Franczyk <> for the
sole response. While in this case, it didn't help, it
was worth a shot.
> /platform/`uname -i`/ufsboot is the file that loads the kernel into
> memory.
> My suggestion (of course, Im no expert) is to copy over top of it from
> your cdrom.

After booting from CD, an fsck of the bootdisk failed miserably.
A reinstall of the OS also failed. This was simply a case of
a bad disk. I replaced the disk and reinstalled,,,all is well.
Fortunately, all data was backed up, leaving me with a minor
annoyance rather than a disaster.

It is possible that a mildly corrupted boot disk can be repaired
via a /boot cdrom/mount/fsck/repair/whatever.



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