SUMMARY: DLT cartridge tapes

From: Francis Liu (
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 22:09:47 CDT

I asked:

> On each DLT cartridge, there is a warning on the labels
> "Do not put any labels on the top, bottom, sides, or rear of the cartridge."
> Why not?

Of course nobody (?) would be silly enough to put stickers over the holes
or moving bits, but even on the top of the cartridge, on that big blank
bit, there are still Risks.

The risks were generally the same, putting a sticker on the tape where they
tell you not to put things might screwup the internal mechanisms.

There are two schools of thought on how this can happen. In both cases
the tape or the sticker on the tape will jam. The first is, the drives
have been constructed to such fine tolerances that a sticky label that
is only 0.015 inch thick might interfere with the track alignment mechanism.
The second school of thought is that sticky labels might work themselves
loose and get caught inside. Of course, I shall now use only premium brands
of sticky labels that are guaranteed to stick in all weather conditions to
do all this nasty labelling :-) (only if I can't convince those_that_do_the_
labelling that they shouldn't label the tapes this way).

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