SUMMARY:[Q] Change computer name how many files need be change??

From: Duffy Men (
Date: Tue Jun 24 1997 - 16:25:16 CDT

Thank you for so many answers. Their have two suggestions:
1. check and midify followinf files:

          /etc/hostname.le0 (depends on your network connection)
go to /var/spool/lp/tmp and rm -rf nova
The reboot the system.

2. You can use sys-unconfig. Beaware this will remove the old name and IP
address from all the required places. It will also prompt you about
rebooting. Upon reboot you will need to supply the new machine name and
IP address. Personnly I don't suggest this way. It will wipe out your
/etc/defaultrouter setup, remove all entry in /etc/hosts and wipe out network
printer setup.

I have following question need your help:

  1. what is /etc/net/*/hosts files doing?? If I don't change it look like
     system still work.

Thank you for help.

My original post:
>I have Solaris 2.5 on SUN SParc computer. I change computer name
>(/etc/nodename) from "nova" to "sprint". I also change /etc/hosts. I
>reboot the system I have several error messages on network. I put "nova"
>on /etc/hosts as alias name of "sprint". It look like better, but still
>can NOT print. can anyone tell me if I change computer name how many
>files should I change? Thank you for help.

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