SUMMARY: Phantom disk activity (additional)

From: Bob Rahe (
Date: Tue Jun 24 1997 - 13:48:44 CDT

  An interesting additional point from Jochen Bern came in after I sent
the original summary. Since this might be useful for someone seeing the
problem in another way and searching the archives so I'll post what he sent:

Subject: Re: SUMMARY: Phantom disk activity

> (Jeff Wasilko) gave me the first clue:
> > I seem to remember that for some reason Solaris 1.x puts serial
> > I/O into the disk category of the perfmeter....Perhaps that's
> > it?

> That was close, as it turned out, it IS something other than disk,
> but since I have nothing going on the serial ports that wasn't it.

Actually, Jeff *IS* right - Keyboard and Mouse *are* connected via
serial Interfaces, they just use different Connectors and are hard
coded into the OS. :-} From the zs(4s) Manpage:

     Of the synopsis lines above, the line for zs0 specifies the
     serial I/O port(s) provided by the CPU board, the line for
     zs1 specifies the Video Board ports (which are used for key-
     board and mouse), the lines for zs2 and zs3 specify the
     first and second ports on the first SCSI board in a system,
     and those for zs4 and zs5 specify the first and second ports
     provided by the second SCSI board in a system, respectively.

That's why Keyboard Buffer Overruns result in a "zs1: Silo Overflow"
Error Message which is notoriously prone to mislead Sysadmins to
check their "non-stealth" serial Devices. :-/

                                                                J. Bern


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