SUMMARY: problems printing to a qms2425

From: Fagnon, Raymond (
Date: Sat Jun 21 1997 - 22:05:22 CDT

Well well well life is so much better after I got this email I decided
that after testing it out that this Saturday night the 22nd of June
while eating Pizza bread and drinking beer, I would summarize. Gee golly
whiz isn't a notebook and ppp running email from home great, know show
me a mechanic or other profession that has this much fun. Well back to
the story at hand. Last week my print queues were getting jammed and the
spooler was wasn't spooling as it should spool. Well I have just know
decided to go on my deck and have a stoogey while I finish. On with the
story. Below is the email that fixed my problem it seems that either QMS
or sun has a bug when it comes to doing back channel logging for print
accounting. I called my Sun 1st tier support center to inquire about
this and they knew nothing as to how to fix this problem. So I called
qms and they told me that it had something to do with the way Sun
handles printing. If I am correct on this SUN has come out with an
alternative to lp called rtel and that they plan on not fixing the
problem with lp. Well needless to say I had over 20 queues I had to fix.
QMS gave me a fix to there addprt program for future queues and I and
the sed master at my job wrote a little program to fix all the

On another note does anybody know of a xyvision manages list that I
could subscribe too?
If anyone is interested in my pizza bread recipe let me know and I while
forward it to you.

Happy sunning and thanks for all the help!!!
XRaymond X
Xwill work for unix X
Xemail: X

>Sent: Thursday, June 19, 1997 10:15 AM
>To: Fagnon, Raymond
>Subject: Re: problems printing to a qms2425
>Hi Raymond,
>Kill all the qef processes.
>Edit lp filter, /etc/lp/interfaces/q-name
>In the 'PARAMETERS=......' line, delete -b, -B and -g options and parameters.
>This will fix your probleme.
>Best Regards,
>Runar Myren

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