SUMMARY: Help on diskless workstation as the server console

From: Dongming Zhang (
Date: Tue Jun 17 1997 - 11:00:59 CDT

Original message:

Just got a Enterprise 3000 and don't have vt100 terminal as the console.
> There is Sparc ECL (diskless) handy. Just wondering if someone
> have done this before (use diskless as the Server console)? Please
> TIA,
> Dongming Zhang
> Johns Hopkins
> PS: can PC be a console (temporary)?

Solutions suggested:

(1) use the PC as a console, use a null modem cable and
any of the serial port programs, such as cross talk to access the
(2) get (buy/borrow/steal:-) external SCSI drive, make it
standalone and then use it as bootstrap installation machine 3000;
(3) hook the consoles up to a terminal servers; then can telnet to them
from anywhere (including the terminals in the equipment room that have hooked
into term servers) ... Really nice to be able to get the "ok" prompt from
remote and do a sync/boot when necc.

My solution:


Thanks and Credits: (Sorry if I miss someone) (Gregory M Polanski) (Charles Gagnon)
Cat Okita <> (Niall O Broin)
Gnuchev Fedor <> (Rashad Al-Yawir)
Matthew Kelly <>
Justin Young <>
David Robson <>
Dan Pritts <> (Russ Poffenberger)
Gene Rackow <>

   Dongming Zhang
   Johns Hopkins University

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