SUMMARY: Help with CDE

From: Charles Gagnon (
Date: Mon Jun 16 1997 - 14:20:49 CDT

Hello everyone, sorry for the late summary.

I finally found a solution for my CDE problem. The problem was...

> I'm running CDE off of a SS5 running SunOS 5.5.1. I configures CDE so it
> uses fvwm instead of dtwm (did that by modifying the dt.session file for
> my home session, added a dtsession*wmStartupCommand in my dt.ressources file).
> Now it works fine but whenever I exit FVWM2, it doesn't kill the XSun
> running and doesn't go back to the login screen and I'm clueless as too
> why.

With the answers I was able to patch this problem by changing the Exit
function of fvwm2 to perform a "/usr/dt/bin/dtaction ExitSession" instead of
the regular "Quit". I fixed it in the ${HOME}/.fvwm2rc file and mapped the
exit menu to that new function.

It works really well now.

Special Thanks to:

 Casper Dik *Re: Help with CDE
 "Rick von Richter" *Re: Help with CDE
 Peter Gray *Re: Help with CDE (again)
 Laurent Duperval *Re: Help with CDE *Re: Help with CDE (again)

For their reply.

Here are some of the answers...

On Jun 10, Casper Dik writes:
> Subject: Re: Help with CDE
> the best diagnostics tool for this is probably "ptree"; it'll show you the
> process relations and may tell you which processes the session is waiting
> for.
> For FVWM exit to work, it needs to be the last client started and the
> one client Xsession waits for.
> (/usr/proc/bin/ptree)
> Casper

On Jun 11, Peter Gray writes:
> Subject: Re: Help with CDE (again)
> You have to send it a ExitSession message via the dtaction command. See the
> man page to dtaction, dtactionfile and dtsession.
> Regards,
> pdg

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