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Date: Wed Jun 11 1997 - 07:03:00 CDT

And the answer goes to John Ballard Sendmail Geniuse. I have included
his post. I thaank you all for the education you gave me. It made me
realize that I am not A sendmail guy. But hey not all of s are.
XRaymond X
Xwill work for unix X
Xemail: X

> I am currently having problems with my sundial sending mail. The problem has
> to do with the reply address to the email. The problem is it is not passing
> a valid reply address. It should be passing but
> instead it is passing user@machine.
> What I would like the reply address to be is
> someone said to add to the Dm and Cm listing making it look like

attached mail follows:

  Raymond Fagnon:

   In reply to your sendmail question: here is what works
 for me.

   Go to ruleset S11 (the sender rewrite rules) and change
 the rule

  R$=D $@$1<@$w> tack on my hostname

  R$=D $@$1<@$m>

  and then change the rule

  R$+ $@$1<@$k> tack on my mbox hostname


  R$+ $@$1<@$m>

  All you are doing here is changing the rewrite rules to use $m
  in place of $w and $k. This should change your from lines in
  outgoing mail to user@domain.

   john ballard

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