SUMMARY: hyperSPARC Upgrade

From: Andrew Mellanby (
Date: Tue Jun 10 1997 - 03:45:39 CDT

Thanks to all who replied. All Correct.
There was a problem with the boot PROM(s)

(1) They sent the wrong one
(2) I plugged the replacement in the wrong way round and damaged it
    (which produced similar bizarre errors)

>I am trying top install a hyperSPARC MBus module in my SPARCstattion 20,
>using a dumb-terminal as a console.
>This is what I get on the console:
>> SMC SPARCstation 10/20 UP/MP POST Version VRV3.43 (01/09/95)
>> CPU_#0 hyperSPARC ROSS RT620/RT625 256K External Cache
>> CPU_#1 hyperSPARC ROSS RT620/RT625 256K External Cache
>> CPU_#2 ***** Not Installed ****
>> CPU_#3 ***** Not Installed ****
>> ...After a couple of minutes....
>> Level 15 Interrupt Data Access Excpetion Data Access Exception Data Access
>> Exception

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