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From: Eric R. Dodson (
Date: Mon Jun 09 1997 - 11:43:07 CDT

The results are in and, of course, different needs
have different solutions:

Out of 20 suggestions:

homegrown: 4
amanda: 5
solstice/legato: 5
arcserv: 1
budtool: 4
netbackup: 1

Thanks, I chose amanda for price (free), reliability,
and it handles all my platforms.


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> Hello all,
> After reading Vasantha Narayanan's summary to the
> "Juke box recommendation and backup strategies" posting,
> I started wondering what most of us out there use for
> Solaris-based backup packges for multi-platform
> networks.
> My network is mostly Suns (a few of which are SunOS), but
> I also have a few AIX, HP, DG/UX, SCO, OSF, and yes
> I even have 4 vaxes (yikes!). Most of these are not
> mission critical boxes (just used to port our product a
> couple times a year).
> We use Online Backup 2.0 and since the main fileservers
> are Suns about 90% of all our data gets backed up just fine.
> But there's the odd local, non-Sun filesystem here and there
> that I have to take care of manually.
> I've looked at the Solstice backup product, but the price
> is just too high to justify to the execs upstairs.
> I'd like a quick census (maybe with a short justification)
> of what the rest of us are using (Solstice, BRU, BudTool, etc).
> Thanks and I'll post a summary when the results are in.
> Eric

eric dodson, unix system administrator
iq software corp.                   

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