SUMMARY: Ultra2: System booting after fatal error FATAL

From: Fletcher B. Cocquyt (
Date: Fri Jun 06 1997 - 15:29:16 CDT

Gotta love the list...

Thanks to (Jason Noorman) who tipped me off
that older rev (pre rev08) motherboards have problems:

When we first recieved the first batch on U2170 we had a similar
After about a month of research on our behalf, ringing sun's component
suppliers etc, the problem was isolated to the motherboards.

Apparently we had rev 6 motherboard that contains a small fault in the
system would reset due to electronic noise, originally sun pointed the
finger at the power supplies when it was board design itself.

Have your board checked to make sure it is a rev 8 or higher.

Mine was rev07.
I have a new motherboard on its way from Sun.

Thanks also to:

"Bruce S. Jurilla" <> James Hsieh <>

Original post:

> We have an Ultra2 2x200Mhz Solaris 2.5.1 machine that is > spontaneously rebooting (not panicing) with the message in > /var/adm/messages: > System booting after fatal error FATAL > > SunService has another call open with the same message on an Ultra2; > but they can't pinpoint the problem. > > Has anyone else found the above error message and resolved it down > to a bad CPU, SIMM, motherboard or ethernet port? > test-all boot prom diagnostics lead me to believe its a fried CPU > with the message: > DMA hang condition detected: expected 1, received 0 > > TIA, will summarize,

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