SUMMARY: Order of controllers

From: Francisco Da Silva (frankd@bluestone.COM)
Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 - 17:22:52 CDT

        Let me rephrase the original question. I don't think I expressed
myself correctly the first time.

I am dealing with Ultra 3000s and Enterprise 2s. Both have SparcStorage
arrays and the internal SCSI. The 3000s have two I/O cards. When Solaris
boots, the boot disk is named differently because of the order on which
the controllers are recognized and the order on which links from /dev to
/devices is done. So, on one kind of machines, the system disk is named
(/dev/dsk/) c0t0d0 (s2) and on others, it is named c1t0d0. (Controller 1
instead of 0). The program that does this is called "disks" and it runs at
boot time when reconfiguting the system (boot -r). I wanted to know if
there was a way to trick "disks" into naming the internal controller as
"c0" no matter what. Note that I am not talking about EEPROM devalias. I
am always booting from the default device (disk).

- Some people suggested to change the links under /dev to the way I want

- Some people suggested to change the sbus-probe-default list in the
eeprom. The first probed card would be c0, the next would be c1 and so on.

I'll try the second one, otherwise I will have to do the first. Thanks to
all of you who responded:

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Jim Harmon (
Srinivas (
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