SUMMARY (sort of): telnet to port 119 fails

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Date: Tue Jun 03 1997 - 17:44:17 CDT

Hi Managers,

This was my original post:

> Mail/INN server: Solaris 2.5.1
> Client : Solaris 2.5
> 'telnet server smtp' works but
> 'telnet server nntp' says:
> Trying a.b.c.d...
> Connected to server.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> Connection closed by foreign host.
> smtp port is 25, nntp is 119
> Both are in /etc/service on the server:
> smtp 25/tcp mail
> nntp 119/tcp usenet # Network News Transfer
> So why is it failing?

I've not been able to resolve my problem, but I'm including all the
suggestions sent to me.

This only means inetd is running. Nothing more than this.

Things to check:
- Check error log.
- Check newslog (/var/inn/newslog).
- Is there a nntp server in the system? Is it up and running?
- Is nntp daemon enabled in /etc/inetd.conf?
- Is tcp wrapper blocking out the nntp connections? Is localhost in
  /etc/hosts.allow file? Check wrapper-logs.
- Is machine listed in nnrp.access? Correctly? Check error logs for an
  unauthorized connection attempt from client machine. Look even if you think
  it is supposed to be authorized. The authorization files are very sensitive
  to trailing empty spaces on the authorization lines, which will cause the
  access authorization to fail.
- It is connecting to the port but shutting it very quickly. Is it being timed

The news server is dropping the connection.

INN doesn't behave in this way -- it usually prints out an error message,
so I would check to see that your innd server is able to run the in.nnrpd news
reader server, and that things are generally correctly configured (eg there is
no nntp entry in your inetd.conf, and so forth).

You may want to check to see if innd is accepting connections if you run
the ctlinnd mode command you should see something like this:

$ ctlinnd mode
Server running

Something is listening on port 119 or your would be getting a "connection
refused". Check that the path name of the programs are (nnrpd in this case)
is correct and that the perms allow the news user to run them. You might need
to do a "strings" on your innd program to seef it has the path to in.nnrpd

If you had denied that system access via INN (nnrp.access) you'd get:
   502 You have no permission to talk. Goodbye.

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