Summary: Solaris/gated problems

From: Gomez,Caroll (
Date: Tue Jun 03 1997 - 14:23:00 CDT

My problem was resolved by downloading binary compressed version of the gcc
compiler from in directory /pub/binaries. A few of you
e-mailed me the binary of the gzip and gunzip compression programs, so I may
use that to uncompress the C compiler.

Thank to all who replied (list below).

Scott MacDonald
Plesha, Thomas A. (NSLC Pacific)
Davin Milun
Claude Charest
Garry Robbins
J.P. Racine
Feng Li
Parthiv Shah


Caroll Gomez
> Hello,
> I seem to be in a catch 22 situation:
> In order to implement OSPF under Solaris I was told I needed GATED. So I
> obtained the program gated-R3_2BETA_2.tar.Z
> Now, in order to compile this, I need a C compiler, so I downloaded
> gcc-2.7.2.tar.gz
> In order to uncompress the C compiler I needed the program gzip-1.2.4.tar
> Once I tar xvf gzip-1.2.4.tar, I follow the installation steps, but in
> to install this compiler I need a C compiler !!!
> How can I resolve this problem? I basically first need a C compiler that
> will run under Solaris 2.4, and then an uncompress utility.
> Thank you for your help.
> Caroll Gomez

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