SUMMARY; Sun-Managers Problem

From: Alberto Ferrari (
Date: Fri May 30 1997 - 15:38:27 CDT

Thanks for the answers (was this one supposed to be
summarized? - just in case...)

Alberto Ferrari wrote the original:
> Friends:
> I would like to remind you the spirit of this list, which I
> is not honored by many subscribers
> (I mean many people don't SUMMARYze the answers
> get )
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> To help hold down unnecessary messages, a specific
> policy has been adopted
> regarding the posting of questions and their answers.
> A person who sends a question in to this list is expected
> collect, summarize, and post the answers to that question.
> In this way, all readers may benefit from the answers.
> A "summary" is not merely a concatenation of all
> responses: at the very least duplicate answers should be
> filtered out, and some information on the results of the
> original posters implementation of the suggestions would
> also be beneficial. The Subject line of the message
> containing the summary should start with the word
> "SUMMARY". It would also be nice if the original poster
> kept a copy of this summary in case the question comes
> again in a few months.

   Jim Harmon ( can be quite difficult for some people to make the time to
compile a serious summary message.
In general, I believe most of us try very hard to post
summaries of the help we recieve from the group. I have a
folder with a copy of every summary that has been posted
since I joined the group 10 months ago, and it has over
2000 summaries in it. That is a very large number, at least
200 summaries a month-- so IMHO, I must conclude that,
and defend the fact that ***more often than not, readers are
submitting Summaries***.

It might take 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 1/2 a year, but I
believe most of us do want to respect and fulfill the
agreement and obligation to share what we learn.


Michael Zika (
May those that succumb to the easy summary listen and
mend their evil ways... I despise having to sift through a
"summary" that is simply a copy of 18 individual pieces of

Eric De Mund <>:
As per <> question
1.3, this is obviated by

It's not necessary to keep a copy of the summary. They're
kept automatically.

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