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I apologize for, and I quote Gene Rackow "the royal mess up on the message
headers" which caused the mailer-daemon to get spammed. It was certainly
not my intent.

Original question: I need to know what the SCSI ID's are set to
or which ones are available, without physically being at the

Thanks mucho to all who answered. Below are the solutions.

Get scsiinfo - a program that lists SCSI devices

Format command shows installed hard drives ie: c0t3d0 where t3
is the target which is the SCSI ID

Look at /var/adm/messages from the last boot.

Info and a tool written by Adrian Cockcroft of SUN is at
http://www/sun/com/960601/columns/adrian/se2.5.html (free)

and also look at

Best/1 from BGS Systems at

Thanks to all.

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