SUMMARY: PASV mode ftp client for Solaris 2.x

From: G Muthukumar Wipro Systems 10964 (
Date: Mon May 26 1997 - 10:42:49 CDT

My question:

> Hi,
> I am running Solaris 2.5.1. I would like to run the ftp program in the
> passive(PASV) mode. (The man page does not talk anything about PASV mode). I
> understand that the ftp server supports PASV mode. But I don't know how to
> make use of this passive mode through the ftp client. Is it possible?
> Also, please let me know if there are any ftp clients which can
> make use of PASV mode?
> TIA,
> Muthu

        I was suggested to use NcFTP. Gnu's inetutils is another
suggestion. All browsers support PASV mode (To some extent, I was aware of
this). Also there was one suggestion about using

        quote PASV

        in the ftp prompt (but still the server opens the data connection
to the client).

        Thanks a lot for the helpful suggestions.

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