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From: Angel Ortiz (
Date: Sat May 24 1997 - 17:21:47 CDT

Sun managers;

Thank you all for your quick responses (enclosed below).

The problem was an oversight.
The person loading newsprint had loaded the patch, but had reloaded
NewsPrint (without reloading the patch). Once the patch (102113) was
reloaded, all worked fine.

Tnx again for your replies;

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Subject: Sun NewsPrint Printer

Sun Managers;


We have a SPARC 2000/NIS+/Solaris 2.3...

We are trying to install a Sparc II printer via NewsPrint.

We are having problems;

        a. Only the banner page prints

        b. after that the ">>>" (data feed) light blinks forever and nothing more

        c. Other jobs sent to the same printer just queue up...

        d. We have removed and re-installed the printer with same results...

Any Ideas!

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From: (Wes Pfarner)

I'm not really sure why your SPARCprinter II stalls, but I do know that you
need NeWSprint 2.5B to make it work with Solaris 2.x. If you're trying to
use 2.5, you're wasting your time. In addition, you need a patch in order
to clean out the queue when a job is completed. The patch number is 102113.

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From: Amanda Simondson <ajs@IEOR.Berkeley.EDU>

If you are using NeWSprint 2.5B, you want patch 101655-04 and maybe a
couple of others. The NeWSprint release notes (somewhere) tell you
which ones.

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From: (Vincent Ackermann)

In the past i also have a SPARCprinter attached to a server; forget it!!!
NewsPrint is so unstable that you will have to many crash...

For your problem: Do you have installed the necessary patches ? if not
start installing these patches.

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From: "Plesha, Thomas A. (NSLC Pacific)" <>

You may need to install the following patches:

Solaris 2.3 recommended patches
102211-03 SPARCprinter Jumbo Patch
102113-03 Newsprint Queue Fix
101959-06 LP Jumbo Patch
101945-32 Kernel Jumbo Patch

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From: Benjamin Cline <>

Make sure you have _all_ the Solaris printing and NeWSprint patches
installed. NeWSprint for Solaris (and the lp printing system) are very
buggy! If you need to find patches, try

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From: (Systems Admin)

Make sure the printer accepts all formats (AUTO)...

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