SUMMARY(2): Remote mounting CD roms

From: Matt Reynolds (
Date: Fri May 23 1997 - 06:51:24 CDT

  Having received a message from
(Anthony Worrall) {cheers!} the problem is now resolved.

  The problem was occuring with my manipulation of the automount
system on the SS10. (Doh!)

  First off, I was unsure of the correct syntax for the
/etc/auto_master entry, and also of the correct syntax of the actual
map file. The man pages for automount are somewhat less than helpful.

  Secondly (and probably most importantly), I was assuming that the
automount system would make the mount upon me doing an 'ls' of the
mount directory, whereas you have to 'ls' the name of the disc in the
drive itself, and the auto-mounter goes away and looks for it.

 Eg on the SS10, I set the automount root for the remote cdrom to be
/cdrom/remcd . Even if everything works correctly, when I insert a
disk in the Sparc LX, typing ls /cdrom/remcd on the SS10 gives
nothing. However, typing 'ls /cdrom/remcd/<volume_name_of_disc>' gives
the listing of the contents of the disc, as desired.

  So, thanks again to all respondents.

  If anyone wants more detail on this subject, just drop me an email.



Original problem:

  Mounting a CDROM drive on a remote machine, such that end users can
change discs, and still access each disc from the remote machine
without requiring any manual root logins and umount/mount ing.

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