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From: Simon Convey (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 06:10:57 CDT

Dear Managers,
        Thanks for the responses....
My original question....
        How do I install a bootblack on a SunOs 4.1.x machine. I have a program
/usr/kvm/mdec/installboot and a few other files in that dir. I don't
however seem to have the bootblack image file ...does anyone know what
it's called ? I don't have man pages for the machine....

The answer is..
installboot -v /boot bootsd /dev/rsd0a
for a mount root filesystem (if you you is on SCSI 0 )
installboot -v /mnt/boot bootsd /dev/rsd1a
if you're making a second disk bootable.

Interestingly, I managed to use a solaris machine to acheive the same

1) mount unbootable sunOS root drive under solaris.
2) use the solaris installboot program to add the bootblack for your
3) The disk will now boot sunOS !

Many thanks to MarkHenderson, Tim Carlson, Stece SnodGrass, John
Reynolds, Stephen Harris, Claude Charest, Dean Moore, mark@wisdom,
Benjemin Cline, David Brierley, Rich Kulawiec, Chaarisse Benson, Patrick
Nolan, Micky Liu, Scott MacDonald, jing.zhang, Glen Satchell, Steve
Franks, Steffan Voss, David Mitchell, Peter Allan, jberg and anyone I
missed .....

Simon Convey.

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