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Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 21:58:05 CDT

Thank you all who replied.

Mainly, there're 3 packages that does DHCP+BOOTP

1. CMU bootpd patched with DHCP extensions,

2. Sun's ISS,

3. ISC DHCP, [http://{ftp,www}]

I stick with CMU's bootpd, coz we already have an existing bootpd running and,
maybe I am wrong, Sun's ISS doesnt seem to be able to do static ip assignment.

Thanks again,

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Is there any *working* DHCP server for solaris ?!
Or is there a program which supports both bootp and dhcp ?!

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From: Michael Clarkson <>
You can request the ISS (internet server supplemental) from Sun, this has a DHCP
server as well as other goodies.

Michael Clarkson
Unix Systems Admin

From: boenning <>

take a look at the JavaStation Side from Sun.
No Kidding, go to "Prerequisites" and you'll find, what you're looking

CU, Dirk.
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From: Mark Bergman <>
I strongly suggest using the version of the CMU bootp server, patched
for DHCP, that's been modified by Doug Hughes (
It's more stable and works better with Mac DHCP clients (ie, doesn't
dump core and die) than the CMU original.

You can get it at if you are interested.

Mark Bergman             
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From: Benjamin Cline <> Have you tried the ISC DHCP server ( I've got the Sun DHCP server (included with Sun's free Internet Server Suplement kit) installed here, and it works fine.


-- Benjamin R. Cline Harrison & Troxell, Inc. Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

From: "Daniel M. Eischen" <> Check out

It's free and we're using it on a FreeBSD router serving 3 different subnets. No problems. We're using the development version, not the stable version.

It looks like Solaris support will only serve one subnet at this point.

Dan Eischen

From: Kent R Arnott <> bootpd 2.4.3 with the DHCP extensions works fine. You should be able to download it from...

hope this helps, ka

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From: Reto Lichtensteiger <> I hope so, or I have +no+ idea why my PCs boot ... (or a close approximation thereto)

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From: Stan Dutler <> Check

Sun has provided a DHCP server for the javastation, but it is a full blown DHCP server.

Stan Dutler Reuters


From: Matthew Stier <> Sun has thier own DHCP server, and the freeware reference server is available from (Actually

-- Matthew Stier

From: Michael A Tacci <> Yes, you need to get two packages

SUNWdhcsr BOOTP/DHCP Server Services, (Root) SUNWdhcsu BOOTP/DHCP Server Services, (Usr)

and the patch iss_man_dhcp_sparc-01 if you want the man pages.


From: "Mark.Phillips@UniSA.Edu.Au" <> Hi, I am currently working on setting up a DHCP server which is supposed to support both bootp and DHCP, it can be found at the ftp site : in the directory : /pub/dhcp I have version 5.14 but no doubt it has moved on since then.

You may wish to join their mailing list at or send mail to

I can't say whether this is a good dhcp server or not as it isn't in production yet, however it is free and it claims to be upholding dhcp standards.

I've had it running several times briefly under Solaris 2.5.1 and it appears to do the job.

Best of luck.

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From: Dave <> It has a freeware dhcp server that WORKS.

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