SUMMARY2: Is there a scheduled delivery function in an email client??

From: Charles Mengel (
Date: Sun May 18 1997 - 12:21:34 CDT

Folks -

several people responded to the first summary with some additional info:

- there are some tty based portions to calander manager worth looking
  relevant commands are cm_insert, cm_delete, and cm_lookup
- Netscape calander server also had a tty interface, and GUI ports to
  PC and mac OSes

Thanks again!!
> My original question:
> > I have a customer I'm transitioning off of an old Altos - SCO
> > box, and one feature they MUST have is scheduled delivery email - that
> > is, the ability to send an email message with an delivery time/date
> > option.
> >
> > Also, it must be a character based email package, such as "pine" (many
> > Wyse terms still in use!).
> >
> > I have never heard of such a feature, but it does sound kind of
> > interesting. Any pointers you all might have would be appreciated!
The Summary -

everyone basically suggested using the "at" command in some way, shape,
or form to send email at some pre-determined time. While this is a good
idea, I was hoping that some "pine"-like mail client had the
feature, and it would be a slam dunk. These users are not the most
computer literate bunch, and I am not really interested in customizing,
then supporting some program or script. No such luck, however.

Some questioned what they really needed a feature like this, and I think
I can describe their need in a different way - they really need the
functionality of a curses-based calander manager. For instance, they
want to Jane to notify Bob of her vacation plans for next Thursday -
Jane could send email to be delievered on Wednesday (or update Bob's
calander). Or she could email the entire group with delivery on
Wednesday night ( or update the group calander).

If these were PC or Sun bit mapped users, Calander Manager or Microsoft
Schedule+ would do it. But they are Wyse terminal or telnet users.

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