SUMMARY SCSI 2 Devices on Ultra with Fast/Wide

From: John W. Funk (
Date: Thu May 15 1997 - 10:33:50 CDT

Many thanks to the following for quick replies. I was slow to
summarize because I just completed the test of access speed.

Rudy Yu <>
Brion Leary <>
Jim Harmon <>
Glenn Satchell

Original question, summarized is this: "Will the entire SCSI bus
performance be affected by a normal SCSI-2 device on the FAST/WIDE
SCSI bus on an Ultra?"

3 respondents said the controller negotiates each devices seperately,
1 respondent said the whole bus would slow down to the lowest.
is a site with many Q/A about scsi, and it seems to agree with the 3
respondents above, provided the slowest are on the END of the chain.

A quick test was performed, and it seems to support the majority.
Sorry to alarm those of you already doing this.

Thanks again,

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