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Sparc Ultra 1
(1) 167MHz CPU
Solaris 2.5.1
Machine is continuously rebooting with the following
messages being displayed on the console:
Any hints?!
Many thanks to the 30 respondents!!!
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The most complete answer - specifying the Sun SRDB number
There is a problem with the factory installed cpu fans in the
desktop Ultras. The SRDB doc below points to the replacement
part needed. Sun should replace these under warranty.

The new fans have 7 fins, I think the old ones had 5?
The old fans had a high failure rate causing the machine
to shutdown.

SRDB ID: 14234

SYNOPSIS: cpu fan replacement for Ultra desktops


The fan that is mounted above the processor on my ultra desktop system
is failing. Is it possible to swap just the fan or do I need to swap
out the entire motherboard?


Yes, it is possible to swap just the cpu fan.

Order part number (fru) 540-2761.
This is just the cpu cooling module fan.

To remove and replace the fan, you need a small Phillips screwdriver
and a static strap.

1- Halt and power off the system and remove the cover from the Ultra

2- Locate the cpu fan (it is located in the back corner of the
   closest to the power supply).

3- Making sure that you are properly grounded with a static wrist
strap, unplug
   the power connector of the cpu fan. It is connected at j0101
   directly behind the UPA or SBUS connector (depending upon the
   system model). You might need to to remove the SBUS or UPA card
   that is installed to remove this cable.

4- After the cable is disconnected, loosen the two small philips head
   screws that are located on opposite corners of the fan. You do not
   have to pull them out at this point; it is fine if they are only
   disengaged from their sockets.

5- Lift the bad fan off of the heat sink and remove the screws. Use
   screws in the new fan.

6- Install new fan by reversing the process just executed.

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